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Composition of the kit
The full kit consists of:
* (01) 10 puppets in fine washable terrycloth, 30 cm and 26 cm (5 puppets for the representation of adults and children respectively); on the inside, the puppets have a flexible metal frame so that they can easily be made to sit; small weights are buried in the feet to prevent toppling.
* (02) 10 wigs in 5 different colours (black, dark brown, light brown, blond and grey), made of strong thread, each in a long and a short haircut. These wigs can be attached to the heads of the puppets by means of Velcro strips.
* (03) Clothes in a trendy finish (for children and adults) which can be attached to the front of the puppets by means of Velcro strips.
* (04) 10 adhesive mouths in different shapes (curved for a happy or discontented/sad expression; straight to represent a glum face).
* (05) On the CD: various basic articles describing the background theory plus information on practical applications.
* (06) On the CD: a PowerPoint presentation of a specific case, with reference to the relevant articles and practical information.
* (07) A small carpet (approx. 140 cm x 140 cm) to represent the "house" which persons are allowed to enter and where the dialogues and action are conducted.
* (08) A dozen animal figures symbolising feelings or real animals to which the child is attached or of which it is afraid.
* (09) An extra soft cuddly animal which can comfort the child if it should feel sad or frightened.
* (10) A practical metal case (45 cm x 33 cm x 16 cm) for storing the kit.
Anyone with a clinical training at university or higher-education level (health and social welfare sector) and with practical clinical or pedagogical experience with children should be able to use this kit (including the accompanying information). If necessary, extra practical sessions are organised (for more information, see 'Link')